“The River Piave and reclaimed land: stories of land and water”

Thursday morning: from 7th June to 26th July and from 6th September to 20th September

Cycling along the ancient Litoranea Veneta (a canal linking Venice with Trieste) takes us to Cortellazzo, a quaint little port and fishing village at the mouth of the River Piave, and the reclaimed land of Torre di Fine, Brian and Eraclea. A boat bridge takes us across the river, considered sacred to the homeland because it became the front line during the First World War, and then we cycle to explore a territory rich in history, culture and traditions, touching the renowned Northern Adriatic beaches and going through rural hamlets, seeing draining pumps, water works, natural oases and crops typically grown on reclaimed land. There is a visit to a farm (Azienda Agricola La Fagiana) which owns one of the area’s last paddy fields; we cycle through coastal woods and waterways linked to Italy’s history and once back at our destination we can choose to taste some of the territory’s finest produce.

Departure: 09.00 o’clock Cortellazzo - Piazza del Granatiere
Return: approximately 13.00 o’clock
Conditions of the route: cycle paths, low traffic routes, paths completely flat, suitable for everyone.
Fee includes environmental guide SlowVenice (Italian, English, German)
Adults € 15
Children 6/12 years € 10
Children 0/5 years free of charge
For ABH affiliated structures
Adults € 5
Children 6/12 years € 3
Children 0/5 years free of charge